Reflections in Counselling Directory

These ReflectivE3 articles appear on and are published by Counselling Directory: You are not the imposter, imposter syndrome is 7 tips for using journalling as a micro-habit for self care Counselling support in releasing physical trauma Therapy and support networks for trailblazers What to look for in an LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapist Counselling Directory provides detailed […]

Reflections in Counselling Matters

An evolution of self-care and mindfulness through grief – From Counselling Matters Magazine This article appears in the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society Magazine - Counselling Matters, February 2024 edition. The magazine can be accessed here, article from page 30.

Reflections on poetry

Samurai warriors used go into the woods to compose a haiku before battle. And suddenly the thousands of rage-fuelled little verses in my phone notes feel much more socially acceptable, bad-ass even. Poetry as a concept has always felt a bit soft. Too earnest, sweet and middle class for the likes of me to admit […]

Reflections on ‘Imposter Syndrome’

'Imposter syndrome'. This fabricated term for feeling like you shouldn’t be in the spaces you enter. That you are incompetent and about to get found out. Disproportionately affecting underrepresented people and presenting additional challenge, it can be debilitating, leading to anxiety, intrusive thoughts and holding back. I’ve been creating space to challenge my own perceived […]

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